Bunker prices at the touch of a button

Prices based on real stems adjusted for volume, availability, and credit - an industry first.

See live levels from the spot market and two years forward.

Access any price through desktop, mobile or WhatsApp.

BunkerEx Screen

BunkerEx provides shipowners, operators, bunker buyers, freight traders and shipbrokers reliable bunker data at their fingertips

Spot Prices

We aggregate prices from thousands of real bunker stems and adjust them according to volume, availability, and credit to give clean, accurate price indications.

Forward Prices

More shipping companies are actively hedging their forward bunker risk. See physically delivered future bunker prices up to two years out and track the market in real-time.

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Price Reports

Get access to official BunkerEx Prices in the format of your choice. Free, real-time bunker prices are ideal for use in TC contracts and historical benchmarking.

Our data is available via API, Excel, PDF, Email, Python SDK and more.

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Optimise your voyage by deciding where to bunker using our free, cutting-edge planning tool.


Instantly see all bunker ports along your route sorted by the total price of fuel and the time cost of deviating.


We operate a world-renowned bunker brokerage arm.

Access to our platform is free for the opportunity to compete on your bunker enquiries.

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Suppliers, avails, extras and more

Our data does not stop at price.

Search vessel locations, bunker suppliers, extra costs, availabilities, market news and more.

Contact our brokers our type help to our WhatsApp bot for all options.

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