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BunkerEx provides tailored and reliable data solutions for the maritime industry, serving shipping technology companies, maritime solutions providers, and innovators. Offering essential data and insights to improve operational efficiency and drive innovation.
Access near real-time bunker prices across +400 ports worldwide
Optimize routes and schedules to minimize costs
End time-consuming manual price research
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Three paths to unparalleled marine fuels price data. Which will you choose?

Consume all price data with our API

Streamline your bunker operations with full access to near real-time price data.

  • Spot prices
  • Forward prices up to two years
  • Integration with your systems

Request live price updates directly on WhatsApp

How is the price levels in, let’s say, Singapore right now? Type in the port name to find out.

  • Spot prices
  • Forward prices up to two years
  • Integration with your systems

Access price data directly using our dashboard solution.

Optimize Marine Fuel Operations: Access Near-Real-Time Price Data directly using our dashboards.

  • Spot prices
  • Forward prices up to two years
  • Customise your overview.

Unlock the power of global marine fuels price insights for smarter decisions and streamlined operations with BunkerEx.

Marine fuels prices

We offer you the most reliable pricing data. Here’s how

Marine fuels prices are as dynamic as ocean currents, rising and falling with market fluctuations.

To provide valuable insights on current marine fuels price levels, we collect prices from thousands of real bunker stems worldwide, multiple times a day, and adjust them based on volume, availability, and credit ratings.

Ultimately, our work empowers you to make better decisions by providing access to the most reliable pricing data available in the market.

Gain access to our pricing data conveniently through desktop, mobile, or WhatsApp.

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