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Bunker price
transparency for all

We provide best-in-class prices for delivered marine fuels around the world.

Our methodology has been tirelessly improved for +4 years using real stem data plus supplier indications, credit ratings, volume and dates for every fuel delivery.

The result is a trustworthy bunker price assessment accessible to all.

This report has switched to General Index, experts in bringing robust, reliable price transparency to the world’s commodity markets.

Access the price report below.


Live prices
on WhatsApp

Get any bunker price on your phone by just typing in the port name (eg. Singapore) to this number.


Or get vessel locations (vessel name), distances (port-port), bunker plans (port-port bunker) and more. Type help to see a list of all possibilities.

Alternatively, get all prices on our web platform below.

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Spot Price Benchmarking

To benchmark your spot price select the appropriate time stamp, choose the required portgrade and derivative, then insert your buying price.

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